Northern Ireland: We Need to Talk about Women’s Reproductive Rights

I have been watching the reaction to the campaign in Ireland with great interest but even more closely, the reaction from Northern Ireland. My belief is that if the result is a 'YES' in the Irish referendum, then Northern Ireland will be the last vestige in the whole of the British isles to cling on to the outdated 19th century draconian laws.


Me, Myself and the Street Harasser: Sharing my Experience at the Feminist Curse Night

I was angry. I was livid. I was so annoyed that the patriarchal system which enables such behaviors from the boardroom to the streets continues to be downplayed. What happened to me was a big deal. It's about power imbalance and that man had taken what little power I had. A woman might be more educated than a man, earn more money, be more successful in career and life but all of that is irrelevant when what is between her legs will always subject her to the inferior position. Gender inequality is linked to intersectionality in so many ways, but in one moment that night, it was solely for the fact that I was just a woman. 

Direct Rule or Joint Rule? Is this the End of the Good Friday Agreement?

After what seemed to be a Valentine's Day Massacre of gigantic proportions, Sinn Féin's willingness to compromise on the outstanding issues was not met by the DUP. In fact, everyone who had a vested interest in the restoration of Stormont from the political sphere to media commentators were left dumb-founded that the DUP walked away from a draft agreement that just needed their go-ahead. 

DUP and Basic Rights: Holding Northern Ireland Hostage

Valentine's Day 2018 - a day where most of us dedicate our time to showing love and kindness to our nearest and dearest by tokens of small gifts and gestures. However, there was clearly an absence of such feelings yesterday between the DUP and Sinn Féin in an attempt to reach a deal on an Irish Language Act. Although no one could say that the relationship between the two is anything but strenuous, one could be forgiven for suggesting that in the spirit of St. Valentine's Day and for the sake of Northern Ireland, old tensions and bigotries could have been put aside for the betterment of social and political progress but that was not the case. "Love thy neighbour" after all. 

The Removal of Historical Monuments: A Disservice to Humanity

If we begin the process of erasing certain elements of history that do not match our morals and values today, we would inherently erase the social contexts and attitudes of our ancestors. This would indeed be political correctness gone mad. A friend of mine pointed out that by attempting to mould history to our own moral context today, it would be anachronistic to try to alter our cityscapes to deflect from the moral context of the past, no matter how abhorrent those morals were. Furthermore, where would we draw the line in the pursuit of such tasks? Would be we just remove statues and monuments and change place names? Would it be those that were erected in a certain period? What about the Brussels metro line that was built with blood-money from the oppression of the Congolese? I believe that like Pandora's Box, once opened, this could potentially be never-ending. 

Dear Jim Browne, here is why you’re so wrong about Éire…

Today I've discovered that your initial article 'Get Stuffed, Eire' has been removed from Country Squire Magazine due to the controversy and negative backlash it received. You have also since issued an apology regarding the article; however, in your attempt at an apology, you also stated the following sentence - "I still cannot see anything racist in my writing", and here lies the very essence of the problem.

If the Irish Language Act is Cultural Supremacy, then what is the 12th July Arlene Foster?

Like many other of thousands of people who've probably come across this clip of Arlene Foster today, my mouth literally dropped open. The sheer cheek of her to accuse a community, of which for decades has been oppressed politically, socially and culturally, of seeking 'cultural supremacy' over another is just gob-smackingly hypocritical.  As many of my readers know, I live abroad in Brussels, Belgium and have been doing so for the last 5 years. I often try to get home to Belfast 3-4 times a year for usually a week each time, because even though I love my life in the EU capital, there is just no place like home. However, I usually try to avoid going home in the month of July - predominantly for one reason - The Twelfth. 

Coalition of Chaos: A Basic Guide to the DUP 

The Tories have managed to secure 318 seats in Westminster; thus, failing to secure the magic number of 326 seats to gain a majority. They had in fact lost 13 seats - an embarrassing defeat for a woman who was so confident in winning this election by a landslide. So what is Theresa May to do? Every other party with any sort of credibility has turned their backs on the Tories, all for except one - the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).