My name is Emma Rainey, I was born and raised in West-Belfast, Northern Ireland and my star sign is Scorpio. I’m also an Irish expat who lives in Brussels and have spent most of my 20-somethings as a young professional attempting to climb the career ladder in the EU job market. My French is terrible and much to my Flemish boyfriend’s dismay, my Dutch is equally as bad – languages are not my forte. I enjoy watching period dramas, being creative in my spare time and having interesting conversations with friends.

I am a proud self confessed political geek, Feminist and Idealist. I’m always on the side of the underdog. That’s why much of the content I write about surround the themes of social justice, human rights, politics and current affairs, as well as the challenges that the average Jane/Joe like me and you face everyday. I’ve been told I can be quite annoying at times but I like to think of this as passion. If we were all indifferent to what was going on in the world us then nothing would ever get done.

I’m a big advocate for social change and through my writing, I try to make an impact by providing reflective and at times critical insights by examining political and social contexts. I also aim to increase civil engagement and awareness among my readers – to get them thinking about topics and issues that impact them and to reinvigorate their sense of empowerment as active agents in society.

The idea behind ‘​A Foot in Two Places’ is the dynamic relationship that we have with ourselves and our perspectives in a constantly changing globalized world. It’s how we choose to navigate ourselves with this change that will either make or break you, and I choose the former.

Much of the content of A Foot in Two Places will be focused on the regions of Ireland, UK, Brussels and the rest of Europe. The occasional article will have a much more international focus. I believe the themes and sentiment behind this blog can appeal to others who may share a similar experience or interests to myself.

Happy reading!