My name is Emma Rainey, I was born and raised in West-Belfast, Northern Ireland and my star sign is Scorpio. I’m also an Irish expat who lives in Brussels and have spent most of my 20-somethings as a young professional attempting to climb the career ladder in the EU job market. My French is terrible and much to my Flemish boyfriend’s dismay, my Dutch is equally as bad – languages are not my forte. I enjoy watching period dramas, being creative in my spare time and having interesting conversations with friends.

I am a very passionate and opinionated person, although this may come across annoying at times to others, at the end of the day, I really don’t care. What’s important to me is that I’ve been able to express my views on the topics I care about. These usually range on issues surrounding social justice and human rights from a local to global perspective, politics and current affairs, as well as the challenges that the average Jane/Joe like me and you face everyday.

I’m a big advocate for social change and through my writing, I try to do that by providing thoughtful and reflective insights by looking at social contexts by examining aspects of history or by assessing society’s political and social spheres. I also aim to increase civil engagement and awareness among my readers – to get them thinking about topics and issues that impact them and to reinvigorate their sense of empowerment as active agents in society.

The idea behind ‘A Foot in Two Places’ is the dynamic relationship that we have in this globalised world with our personal identity and perspectives. My experience as an expat has significantly altered who I am and how I feel about the world around me. The concept of identity is more complex than ever. I myself am an Irish woman; however, I feel increasingly European – something I would never have felt if I hadn’t of lived abroad. Therefore, not only does my physical reality reflect that I have a foot in two places, my mind very much does too.

Much of the content of A Foot in Two Places will be focused on the regions of Ireland, UK, Belgium and the rest of Europe. The occasional article here and there will have a much more international focus. I believe the themes and sentiment behind this blog can appeal to others who may share a similar experience or interests to myself.

Happy reading!