Why Your Vote Matters on March 2nd 2017 #VoteTillYouBoke

I've always been quite in-tuned into politics and current affairs, I could never help myself in having that opinion that spoke out against injustice and the oppression of basic rights. I am a product of my environment I guess, my grandmother active in social housing campaigns in the 1960/70s and having worked with the local youth in community projects back in her day - I guess a bit of it rubbed off on me. She often goes on at the family on how important it is to vote, especially to the younger members of the Rainey clan, stating her mantra "...We fought so that you, our children and grandchildren could vote - so vote for who you want, but as long as you vote".


The DUP and The Irish Language Act

Having just literally laughed out loud at Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams trolling of “see you later alligator” in response to Arlene Foster’s comments regarding whether the DUP should have conceded on the Irish Language Act, one cannot help but feel disdain at the pettiness of her spoken words “…that is not how I do business”.